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  • Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association
    The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMSPA) was formed in 1966. Over 400 Ontario producers are active in 11 district or local organizations. OMSPA is an active member of the North American Maple Syrup Council and the Internationl Maple Syrup Insititute. By being a member of OMSPA you are a member of these organizations.

  • North American Maple Syrup Council
    The North American Maple Syrup Council, Inc. (NAMSC) is an international network of associations representing 16 commercial maple producing states and Canadian provinces within North America. The Council, a non-profit organization established in 1959, brings together industry leaders and affiliated groups to share common interests, experience and knowledge for the advancement and improvement of the maple syrup industry. The North American Maple Syrup Council promotes industry education and supports maple research through the NAMSC Research Fund.

  • International Maple Syrup Institute
    The International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI) was founded in 1975 to provide marketing solutions to the various players in the US and Canadian maple products industry. The mission of the organization is to promote the use of pure maple syrup and protect the integrity of the product while encouraging cooperation among all persons or groups involved in any aspect of the maple industry.

Maple Equipment & Supplies

  • Dominion & Grimm
    Since the merging of Dominion Evaporators and GH Grimm Manufacturing in 1953, Dominion & Grimm Inc. has become a well-respected and the oldest maple equipment manufacturer. Dominion & Grimm Inc. also offers a wide range of glass containers from around the world. You will find a large selection of plastic and metal containers used for packaging food or chemical products. Dominion & Grimm Inc. is also environmentally minded by being involved with the methanization of organic wastes and the production of biogas.

    To better serve their customers, Dominion & Grimm has 12 corporate stores and a large network of authorized agents throughout Canada and the United States. Dominion & Grimm Inc. operates two manufacturing plants. The first is located in Anjou, Montreal. Here they manufacture evaporators, tanks, accessories etc. The second plant is in Victoriaville where they assembly osmosis machines. The age of automation has now arrived and is available on pumping stations, osmosis and some evaporators. Today, Dominion & Grimm Inc. has more than a hundred employees who pride themselves on giving their customers innovative and high-performance products adapted to today's needs.

  • Lapierre Equipment Inc
    In 1978, inventor and visionary Donald Lapierre founded Lapierre Equipment, a business specialized in the manufacturing of equipment and accessories for the production of maple products and membrane technologies. Situated in St-Ludger, Beauce and Waterloo in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, with over one hundred employees between the two plants, working with the latest in technological equipment in the field. We manufacture Bernard & Lapierre sap extractors, R.O.'s, sap and syrup filters, wood and oil fired evaporators such as the Turbo, Turbo II, Thunderbolt, Storm, the Hurricane and the all new high efficiency Hurricane force 5 .We also fabricate stainless steel tanks as well as a multitude of other products.

  • Leader Evaporator Co
    Leader Evaporator Company, Inc. originated in Enosburg Falls, Vermont in 1888 for the purpose of manufacturing equipment for the production of maple syrup. In 1963 a group of individuals involved in the maple syrup industry formed a corporation to purchase the company. Leader has access to the products and supplies needed to outfit all maple syrup producers from the largest commercial operation down to the backyard boiler. In addition, Leader sales and management personnel are themselves maple producers with years of "in the sugar house" experience. This experience assures customers that they are buying the right maple producing products to meet their particular needs. Leader carries a complete line of supplies for maple syrup storage, packaging and shipment including cans, labels, bottles and caps. Leader Evaporator is the largest U.S. manufacturer of equipment for the production of maple syrup. In addition our new headquarters in Swanton and our retail outlet in Rutland, Vermont, the company has a dealer network covering all areas of the Northeast and upper Midwest where maple trees grow. Evaporators manufactured by the company incorporate state-of-the-art technology including fully welded lead-free systems, high fuel efficiency and automated controls. Maple syrup quantity and quality of production can be maximized at reduced costs using the company's reverse osmosis and vacuum technology.

  • Les Equipements d'Erabliere CDL
    Over the years, through a serie of expansions and acquisitions, CDL is now the reference when it comes to maple sugaring equipment. In 1994, CDL acquired Les Evaporateurs Dallaire inc., a well known evaporator manufacturer. In 1999, we opened a distribution center in Cabano (Quebec) to cover the lower St-Lawrence region. Finally, in 2005, CDL acquired Waterloo Small USA, now doing business as Maple Pro, in St. Albans, Vermont. Maple Pro is the distribution and service center for the United States market. Today, CDL is an integrated company specializing in the development, manufacturing and distribution of maple sugaring equipment.

  • LS Bilodeau
    Manufacturer of maple producing equipment, wood heating products, custom stainless steel facbrication, and laser cutting. LS Bilodeau is located in St-Ephrem-de-Beauce, Quebec, Canada with a regional sales rep working from the Casselman area.

Maple Research

  • Proctor Maple Research Center
    Basic and applied maple research at the University of Vermont (UVM) began in the early 1890's. The Proctor Maple Research Center was established in 1946 with the donation of the former Harvey Farm in Underhill Center, Vermont, to the University of Vermont by Governor Mortimer Proctor. Research has centered on the sugar maple tree (Acer saccharum Marsh.) and its products--sap and syrup. Much of the applied research has provided new and/or improved techniques for efficient sap collection and evaporation systems and for improvement of maple syrup quality while basic research has contributed to an improved understanding of the physiology and towards the continued health of sugar maple trees.

  • Cornell University Maple Extension
    Pure maple syrup is a traditional natural product unique to North America. The Cornell Sugar Maple Program exists to improve the production and use of maple products by working with producers, consumers, and others interested in this fascinating local product.

  • University of Vermont Maple Extension
    UVM Extension strives to be a state leader in promoting maple information in Vermont through the provision of information and educational programs for diverse audiences.

Maple Resources & Information

  • Sugarbush.Info
    Sugarbush Info - the North American Sugarbush Directory. We list anything the Maple Syrup industry has to offer online from maple syrup producers (sugarbush) in both Canada and the United States to equipment dealers and producer associations.